Respect and responsibility

At NRE we have decided to take responsibility in the world that we live in and to benefit the society

Newborns Vietnam

We have chosen to provide sponsorships to humanitarian and charitable purposes. In Vietnam this means that we support the charity organisation Newborns Vietnam.

Newborns Vietnam is a UK registered charity dedicated to reducing neonatal mortality in south east Asia, with a specific focus on Vietnam.

Newborns Vietnam has its roots in an informal global partnership initiated in 2008 by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Da Nang Department of Health & the Department of Pediatrics at Da Nang General Hospital, and a number of NGOs working in Vietnam on child healthcare issues. The successful work undertaken by this partnership showed that it would be beneficial if there was an initiative specifically targeting the improvement of maternal health and reduction of newborn mortality in Vietnam and neighbouring countries with high levels of infant mortality, and it was this that led to the setting up of Newborns Vietnam.

Advancing newborn care at regional hospitals is a key priority for improving newborn survival and health. Newborns Vietnam work with local partners to strengthen facility based newborn care and build their capacity to save lives and prevent disability from preterm birth. Their focus is the provision of neonatal nursing training and basic courses for front-line staff to ensure that all care providers have the competencies to care for mother and baby.

A video about the work of Newborns Vietnam can be watched here.

It helps !

Tuesday 19 August 2014 was a milestone moment for newborns care in Vietnam. 26 nurses from the neonatal unit at Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children became the first nurses in Viet Nam to receive a formal certificate in neonatal nursing.

The nurses have been taught by UK Academics from Canterbury Christ Church University. The training is already making a difference to the survival rates of newborns in central Vietnam.

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