The Vietnamese market

Vietnam is growing up

Fast growing economy

Vietnam is a fast growing emerging economy of 87 million people. It is undergoing the most exciting period of change and unprecedented development in its history.

Despite the challenges in the global economy, Vietnam continues its sustainable growth and has an economy with many opportunities. The foundation is a young, literate and entrepreneurial population, a stable political environment and a strategic location at the heart of Asia. 

The incomes are increasing, so demand is growing for new and well-planned residential areas along with modern retail space and leisure facilities.

Furthermore Vietnam is increasingly recognised as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

Vietnam is only in its early stages of development and therefore offers a wealth of development opportunities.

Vietnam's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013 is estimated to have increased 5.42% compared to that in 2012, in which GDP increased by 4.76% in Q1, 5.00% in Q2, 5.54% in Q3 and 6.04% in Q4. Despite that 2013 growth of GDP was lower than the prescribed target of 5.5%, it was higher than the increase of it in 2012 and had a signal of recovery. In comparison with previous years, the agricultural and industrial sectors witnessed the lower growth; while the service sector jumped to 6.56%, higher than the 2012 increase of 5.9%.

Another noteworthy point is that the adjustment of the total GDP made estimated GDP at current prices in 2012 increase by more than VND300,000 billion. The GDP per capita of Vietnam in 2013 increased to nearly USD2,000.

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