Why invest in Danang

Danang - The Eastern Gateway of the East-West Economic Corridor

Strategic location

Danang is one of the five largest cities directly managed by the Vietnamese Government and is playing a crucial role in boosting the growth in the region.

The city has a strategic location, well developed infrastructure (with an international airport, a deepwater seaport, north-south land routes and railway), strong local economy and well trained human resources.

Furthermore the Danang People's Committee are committed to ensuring the best conditions for businesses and families and the authorities are willing to provide investors with any assistance they need, by working as a "one-stop shop" responsible for promoting and facilitating investment projects into Danang City.


Danang is an important telecommunication hub of the country and in the world. It is also one of the three most important end points of the national trunk network and the international direct connection point.

  • A large international fiber cable station (The International Marine Optical Fiber Cable Station) is based in Danang. It links Vietnam with nearly 40 countries in Europe and Asia.
  • Danang is working with IBM to develop ICT infrastructures under the IBM "Smarter City" model.
  • In Danang there is a public wireless connection system in the entire city.

Human resources

To meet the increasing demand for manpower of businesses in Danang and Central Vietnam, the city is focussing on education:

  • 24 universities and colleges
  • 19 professional secondary schools
  • 59 vocational centers
The University of Danang is cooperating with foreign universities and will be the national university in 2020.

Business-friendly environment

Business and investment climate and policies have been continually improved to offer the best possible conditions to investors.

Among other things:
  • Free and easy access to information on legal regulations and planning
  • Competitive land rental/prices
  • Dialogues between local leaders and businesses
  • Technical utilities provided to project sites

Vision towards 2020

By 2020 Danang should be developed into one of the centers of culture and sports, education and training, science and high technology in Central Vietnam.

The economic structure of Danang by 2020 is divided as follows:

    Service 55.60%
  Agriculture 1.60%
  Industry 42.80%

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